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Irigation systems / Garden components

570Z series
Featuring a low-pressure seal that flushes only upon retraction, 570Z models are ideal for small turf areas and intricate designs. Seven distinct pop-up sprinkler bodies and over 120 interchangeable nozzles provide unlimited design flexibility.
TORO 570Z MPR Plus
- assures the uniform distribution of the precipitation by all the nozzle which eliminate the same quantity of water per area-units (without reference to the size of irrigation jet and the shape of the watered surface)
- the small water quantity makes possible to project headpiece for one zone
- the PCD stops the fog formation, saves water and results a precise water speed, it is available manufactured built-in or with posterior installation
- for the easy identification the different jets are marked with different colors
- there is available every angle-value for all types of jet / the uniform water distribution eliminates over irrigation and deficient irrigation, the large assortment of arches permits of a more precise fitting
- the possibility of adjustment does not loose because the regulation of the water stream / the precise jet
-the jet of 1,5 m of the nozzles can be reduced to 1 m
- watering of the regular or special shape surfaces
- data appropriate for small areas: / arch range of 3, 2,4 and 1,5 m jets / the 1,2 x 5,5 m distributor headpieces placed aside are ideal for the centerline of parking places / 0,6 x 1,8 m for small plant-riffles and other narrow areas
- 5 different exit angles
- practical packing - the nozzles and the pitch separately, in enclosing plastic bags / the high density filter prevents the bunging of the nozzles with smaller water need
Watering nozzles with variable distribution angles Toro variable nozzle-line
- for watering irregular shape areas
- fits in 570Z distribution headpieces
- regulation without stages between the angles of 30o - 360o
- 5 different distribution angles
- nozzles with color codes
2,4 m (81’), green
3,0 m (10’), blue
3,7 m (12’), brown
4,6 m (15’), black
5,2 m (17’) grey
- uniform precipitation
- Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) in the whole range of the jet and the distribution angle
- the watering jet can be reduced with 25% and can be even shut off with the tangent screw
- the flow water quantity is changing proportionally with the jet adjustment
- unique striated presentation for a comfortable regulation
- optimal pressure: 2 bar / maximum pressure: 5,2 bar
Super 700 Series
These precision-engineered, gear-driven sprinklers are an extremely popular choice for high performance at a terrific value. Super 700 Series fits all medium to large residential and commercial applications.

Durable engineering plastic and stainless steel construction. Stainless steel retraction spring and riser sleeve (S700C).
Arc Adjustment
Lockable arc adjustment on part-circle (40°-330°) models. Adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction.
Check Valve
Check valve prevents low-head drainage and keeps laterals charged with water (standard on commercial and high-pop models and optional on shrub models).
Toro offers a two-year warranty on all Super 700 Series sprinklers.
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