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Irigation systems / Park components

- Stainless-steel adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction.
- Laser-etched increase/decrease graphic indications on cap for setting arc pattern.
- 3 interchangeable nozzles 1.5 GPM, 3.0 GPM (factory installed) and 6.0 GPM nozzles included. Arc adjustment from 30 to 360 degrees.
- Water-lubricated, gear driven design allows for quiet, smooth and reliable operation.
- 5" pop-up height to clear tall grass.
- Smart Arc memory returns sprinkler to its previously set arc if tampered with.
- Slip clutch assures no damage to the gear drive (stripping) if tampered with.
- Unique, over-molded wiper seal for greater debris resistance.
- Large filter screen to prevent clogging.
- Check valve installed to prevent flush on slopes.

Toro 2001 Series Sprinklers with 15-21,7 m jet
- Arc adjustable from the top (30°-360°)
- include six main and two inner nozzles
- 5 year warranty
- Screw-in nozzles-no adjustment screw required for retention
- nozzles are color-coded for easy identification and installation
- full, 100 mm pop-up
- This memory feature maintains the previously set arc (even if the nozzle is turned beyond the trip point).
- rubber cap for reducing to minim the damages of exterior effects
- built-in reflux prevention to reduce leaking
- bidirectional rotating water-moisten hydro motor engine
- interlocking ring fixation for easy maintenance
- unique tang sealing against exterior dirt
- the model with metal tang is ideal in case of sandy ground
- Effluent indicator cap for irrigating with non-potable water.
Toro 640 Series
Considered the most durable, heavy-duty commercial sprinkler available, the 640 Series is the traditional, proven veteran for athletic fields and other large commercial applications. It is equipped with a standard rubber cover and offers a choice from five nozzles and twelve arcs. A variety of models are available including Valve-In-Head, Check-O-Matic and recycled.

- Selection of five nozzles and 12 arcs
- Standard rubber cover
- Vandal-resistant cap
- Durable engineering plastic, brass and stainless steel
Toro 252 series
252 Series valves' durability is a fit for commercial applications and their plastic construction makes them an economical option. With several configurations to choose from, including contaminant-resistant valves, 252 Series provides flexibility.

- Contaminant-resistant models available
- Globe/Angle configuration
- Fabric-Reinforced Diaphragm*
- Manual flow control: adjustable to zero flow
- Manual bleed screw
- Energy-efficient solenoid
- Removable, self-flushing, 120-mesh stainless stell screen
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