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Irigation systems / Irigation systems components

340 Series
340 Series includes all the benefits of 300 Series, but also delivers a longer radius and pops up four inches. It's perfect for medium to large residential and light commercial applications. These Stream Rotors include true matched precipitation rates that result in high-precision water application.

Durable engineering plastic and stainless steel construction.
Check Valve
Check valve prevents low-head drainage and keeps laterals charged with water. Standard on Lawn Pop-up models. Optional on Shrub models. Maintains up to 8' (2,4m) elevation change.
Locking Cap
A locking cap comes standard on High-pop models and is available for Lawn Pop-up models (Part No. 35-1344).
Toro offers a two-year warranty on all 340 Series sprinklers.
EZ Drip Series
It's water conservation made easy. EZ Drip™ rounds out the Toro® low-volume line with its point-source irrigation method and offers a variety of features. Choose from a variety of emitter types and accessories.

Resists UV Deterioration
Minimum of 2% carbon black is added to the tubing to resist damage from UV sun rays and deterioration.
Toro DL2000 & RG2000
The DL2000 subsurface irrigation system delivers optimal water application directly to the root zone. It is perfect for odd-shaped designs, median strips, public recreation areas and residential property – any place where sprinklers don't fit the application.

ROOTGUARD Protection
US Government-approved ROOTGUARD protection uses the non-toxic TREFLAN® that creates a force-field effect, guarding against root intrusion by diverting root growth away from the emitter outlet. TREFLAN is impregnated during the manufacturing process and requires no maintenance.

Trouble-free Water Application
DripIn PC self-cleaning emitters provide precise, trouble-free water application. The flexible, sturdy design fits into unusual spaces. The DL2000 Series are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

Flexible Installation
The DL2000 Series can be installed at grade or buried 4"-8" (100-200mm) underground, delivering irrigation directly at the plant's root zone.
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