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Lake cosntruction materials

Materials for lake construction
Water is one of the most important elements for humans, animals, and plants, and these days is indispensable part of the gardens. The water is used not only for irrigation but serves our pleasure by being a complementary, ornament element. Rivlets, waterfalls, waterworks or garden lakes can be the center, the high light of a garden.

The Édenkert Company offers you the best professional knowledge to make your garden shine with beauty. Our company represents a brand in Romania which is the first worldwide in lake-construction:

Our high-quality products and knowledge is the warranty for your perfect garden lake that you will be proud of.

Decoration foils and fountains
The UBBINK PVC lake-foils are available in 0,5mm / 0,8mm / 1mm thickness, 4 - 6 and 8m wide, 20 and 25m long rolls. This is an excellent resistant foil, easy to spread out, soft and if needed can be spliced with the available glue material. The UBBINK lake foil does not contain regenerated or environment – harmful additives and it is warranted creature-, plant- and fish-friendly. The UBBINK PVC lake foil is at the moment a market-leader brand product by its quality and competitive price.

The Édenkert Company undertakes lake construction, assures professional consultancy and assures the other requisites for lake construction: geo-textile under the foil to avoid root and rock pricking, PVC glue, dam-mat for plant lake-sides, garden splay ground-stoppers, broken-stone decor foil (PVC foils sprinkled with broken-stone, to assure the lifelike aspect by covering the black shores of lakes, and the environment-harmonious transit of the lake-sides), water plant gabions and the belonging jute inlay.
Our company commercializes pumps of Messner and Ubbink brands; the pump is the most important part of the garden lake. Not only has the filter had to be attached to the pump but also the waterfall, water-run, waterworks and other accessories. With the adequate lake equipment your lake can be made more beautiful and healthy. The pump makes the water of the lake richer in oxygen by the continuous water-moving. The water rich in oxygen is better for water plants too.

The Ubbink pumps the water rotation is made without sponge-inlay. Te sponge inside the pump is needed not for the water filtering but for preserve the pump against larger dirt, for example to avoid ballast introduction and destroying the rotor of the pump. The role of this sponge is taken by the shape-design at the Ubbink pumps.

The Messner lake-pumps are pumping up the water of the waterworks to 0,7m - max. 3,2 m. The water-rotating pumps are keeping the water in continuous circuit, and have benefits for the oxygen formation. Pumps for lakes, small indoor waterworks, fishponds, waterfalls with under surface installation, and can be joining to filters. With the flow-regulator the water flow and the height of the water-raising can be controlled.

The Édenkert Company offers the next pumps and accessories for lake constructions: waterworks pumps, waterfall/water-run pumps, filter pumps, sprinklers, hose-pipes, connectors and the belonging narrowers, junctions, hose-pipes, fixers, hoses, indoor pumps, pre-filtering sets and rev controller.
Lake lighting
The lighting of the garden lakes provides color and joy to the whole garden. Our company offers underwater and surface lighting tools assures that you will enjoy the atmosphere of the lights without a reference to the season or the part of the day.
The Ubbink and Messner brand lighting products are characterized by low power consume, secure technology and fantastic light-effects. Make possible underwater-, water-surface-, ground-sunk and rock lighting.
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