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About us

We stay at the clients’ disposal since the summer of 2003 as the legal successor of an individual horticultural enterprise from 2001. The garden and park constructor company due to its professional work and experience of more years offers a variety of special domestic and import plant with soil-ball or in container: evergreens, fruit and ornament trees, ornament bushes, rock-garden plants, annual and water plants.

All the plants are exposed easily attainable can be properly observed our client can choose like this more easily and safely. The plants are exhibited tidily, in full leafage, eventually can be observed in blooming, ready to delivery and planting.

The planting is limited to the cold months of the year; the plants raised in containers can be planted all year.

Our aim is to offer the largest choice of variety possible, to satisfy the needs of the permanently growing market. Our activity is very extensive. Related to our tree nursery selling activity we undertake different kind of horticultural works, garden projecting and implementation, especially garden lakes, cascade fountain, rivlets, rock gardens and installation of automatic rain applicator systems.

In our horticultural shopping place we offer you usually professional advice and there is possible to buy all the materials, technical accessories and tools of establishing and attending the garden. We would be glad if you were visiting our shopping place to make sure on site about the variety and quality of our plants.


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