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Tree nursery selling.
We offer at our depot a large variety of breed and size:

- fruit trees
- ornament trees
- ornament trees and bushes
- Roses
- Pines
- Evergreens
- Perennial plants
- indoor plants
- annual or biennial flowers
- lake plants
- bulb- and tuber plants
- different kind of grass and ferns.

Included in our offer there are the materials and tools of garden and lake establishing:
- technical accessories of TORO automatic rain applicator systems – sprinklers, control and additional units
- PVC lake foil of 0,5mm-1, 2mm thickness, 4 -6-8 meter width, by order cut to desired size
- Rubber lake foil of 1mm thickness, 6-9-12 meter width, by order cut to desired size
- Water-pumps with 500-9000 liter/hour capacity to exploit fountains, cascades and water filters.
- For the filtration and purification of the lake water BIO and BIO-MECHANICAL environment-friendly filtration-tools

- The tools of lightening the gardens and lakes, Garden maintenance and construction tools
- Garden furniture, instruments (tools, flowerpots, plant bins, rose-bowls, statues, waterworks)
- Natural garden ashlarings, rockery freestones, soil, soil-mixtures, peat, decoration cortex
- Nutrient solutions and pesticides, hayseed mixtures,
- Flower and vegetable seeds, bulbs

Park construction
- Full horticultural construction
- - Projecting of ornamental gardens
- Soil-change, soil amelioration, field settlement
- Lawn and plant seeding
- Construction of garden lakes, cascade fountain, rockeries
- Implementation of garden flagstones.
- Projecting and execution of professional TORO automatic rain applicator systems

Park maintenance
- annual maintenance of the green belt
- execution of periodic works

Gardening ornament plants
- Perennial plants
- Ornament bushes
- Evergreens


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