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Payment Conditions

Frequent customers are house owners coming from all around the country, which are building new gardens or beautifying the existent ones. If you are building / beautifying your own garden, please come with trust to our professional colleagues who will help you to choose those plants which are the most suitable to the desired place. Call for our services: the planting counseling, garden projecting, or even garden arrangement on site.
If you order from us the complete garden arrangement and plants, we offer you a discount from the price of our plants. If you are buying from the depot, depending on the quantity, we offer you DISCOUNT from the sum of the invoice.
We offer for resellers, park builders, planters and contractors discount systems, which are depending on the turnover (limited amounts).

We can serve our clients in two different modalities:
1. By order: - in our horticultural selling place, in large quantities, reduced prices. The order can be received by mail, e-mail or personally. We satisfy the orders in arriving order
2. Without order: - we assure buying possibilities in shop price at our selling place.

We have possibility to take into account the observations regarding to the viability and quality of the sold plants only at reception. The transport of the plants is on the risk of the client. Settling the invoice can be by spot cash or with money transfer to our bank account. Not keeping up the paying terms, or the delayed money transfer can cause that new buying will be possible only with spot cash.


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