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Irigation systems / Park components

Toro P-220 Series
When a high-pressure rating or pressure regulation are a requirement, P-220 are the valves to choose. A 220-psi rating allows these plastic valves to withstand the high pressures of commercial applications. With the optional EZReg™ feature, pressure regulation is as simple as dialing in the setting.

- 220-psi (15 Bar) maximum pressure rating
- Globe/Angle configuration
- No external tubing
- External manual bleed for system flushing
- Ergonomic manual flow control: adjustable to zero flow
- Brass flow stem—2" and 3" (50mm and 75mm) models
Toro Custom Command Series
The Custom Command Series offers convenience and flexibility for commercial applications. Ease of use and flexibility are built in with hand-held capability, a program stacking feature and a variety of station counts ranging from 9 to 48.

Flexible Programming
Four independent programs offer concurrent operation capability. Seven-day calendar, odd/even day or day interval options of one to 30 days

Excluded Day Option
Custom Command's excluded day option, when used with the odd/even day option, allows for non-watering on specific day(s).

Program Stacking
Station run times range from one minute to 10 hours in one-minute increments. 16 total start times are available and can be stacked within each program.
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